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Manu Folau at Funafuti
The Manu Folau at the Main Wharf, Funafuti

Getting There

By Ship

About once a month the government-owned vessels Nivaga II and Manu Folau travel Suva-Funafuti (1,020 km). Passengers have a choice of traveling deck, second class, or first class depending upon availability (you'll need to pay for a roundtrip unless you have an onward air ticket). For information in Fiji, inquire at Williams & Gosling Ltd. Ships Agency, 80 Harris Rd., Suva, Fiji, although they won't know anything until a week before the sailing. In Funafuti, ask at the Department of Marine and Port Services in the Government Offices near the airport. The same ships also make occasional trips to Nauru (1,400 km), Tarawa, Tokelau, and Apia (1,000 km), carrying both passengers and cargo.

The Kiribati Shipping Services vessel Moana Raoi, which formerly operated between Suva, Funafuti, and Tarawa about four times a year, has been withdrawn from the route. In any case, for a visitor to use services of the kind mentioned above is highly unusual. Almost all tourists fly to Funafuti.