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Visas and Officialdom

Funafuti is the only port of entry. There are no visa requirements for any nationality, but make sure you have a passport valid for another six months and an onward ticket.

Those arriving/departing by boat also require an air ticket to leave.

Upon arrival by boat, immigration will inform you that it's prohibited to stay with the locals or to leave Funafuti. Diplomacy can usually overcome both obstacles.

Tuvalu House, Suva, Fiji
Tuvalu House, Suva, Fiji

The maximum stay is three months, but usually visitors are given only the time until their onward flight or 30 days.

Sometimes you only get a week on arrival, with an extension to one month available for fee at the Immigration office in the Government Offices.

Two additional months can be obtained for additional fees (return ticket essential). Further extensions require government approval.

Tuvalu's diplomatic representation in Fiji is at Tuvalu House, Gorrie Street, Suva.

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