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Australian currency is used, with Tuvaluan coins. The Tuvaluan one-dollar coin is of the same size and edging as the Australian 50-cent piece. It pays to be alert when handling these coins, or face a 50 percent devaluation. There's a shortage of small coins and you'll often get chewing gum instead of change at shops.

Kiribati coins are not accepted even though both countries use Australian banknotes. Remember to change all of your coins into Australian banknotes before leaving Tuvalu.

An office upstairs at the National Bank of Tuvalu next to the airport at Funafuti will change traveler's checks for a small commission. Credit cards are not accepted by businesses in Tuvalu. The bank sometimes gives cash advances on Visa and MasterCard to a daily limit with sizable deductions for telephone authorization charges and fees but this service is unreliable and you should bring cash or traveler's checks. Of course, there are no ATMs.

Tuvaluans do not expect to be tipped.

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