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The free monthly national newspaper, Tuvalu Echoes, is available at the Broadcasting and Information Office opposite the Vaiaku Lagi Hotel.

Radio Tuvalu broadcasts from Funafuti in English and Tuvaluan from 0630-0800 and 1125-1300 and 1825-2200 (except Sunday morning). The news in English is at 0710 and 1910.

When the local programming isn't on the air, the BBC World Service is broadcast over the same frequencies (621 kHz AM and 100.1 MHz FM).

What to Take

Bring plenty of camera film if you still use it, because what is sold locally has often expired. Only color print film is available (no black-and-white or color slides). Snorkelers should arrive with their own gear. Bring coffee too—it's priced out of reach here. Tampons can also be a problem. Don't count on being able to buy any imported goods on the outer islands; even staples such as rice, flour, and sugar can be sold out.

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