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Niulakita Island

The southernmost, smallest, and least inhabited of the Tuvalu group, Niulakita is only a tiny coral dot just over a kilometer long. Niulakita sits up slightly higher than the other atolls, and the vegetation is lush.

During the 19th century, the island was exploited by miners digging guano left by countless generations of seabirds. In 1926, the trading company Burns Philp set up a copra plantation here, which was sold to the British government in 1944.

In 1946, the government ceded Niulakita to the people of Niutao, who have kept rotating groups here since 1949 (there never was any permanent population). They now live here making copra in shifts of a couple of years each.

There's no guesthouse, but you can stay with local families in the tiny settlement on the southwest side.