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Outrigger Canoe


Privately owned 26-seater buses run hourly between the Government Center at Vaiaku and the deepwater wharf 0700-2100 daily. Some buses continue to the north end of the island, usually in the morning and late afternoon. There are no bus stops—you just wave the buses down.

A place on the main road near the hospital rents scooters. At night bicycles and motorcycles must carry a light, though a flashlight in hand will do. This regulation is enforced. Driving is on the left.

The Fisheries Department near the main wharf sometimes has fishing boats available for outer-island charters. The daily charge is high but includes meals. Be aware that they're usually broken down and unavailable. In 2002, only one of seven fishing boats donated by Japan in 1997 was still afloat and it was anchored at Funafuti in need of repairs.