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Waterproof Boxes
Waterproof boxes of this kind kept a fisherman's valuables dry.

Funafuti Services


The Women's Handicraft Center (open office hours and at flight times), beside the airport terminal, has baskets, bags, mats, hats, fans, and necklaces from Funafuti and the outer islands. A booklet on Tuvaluan handicrafts is sold here. Women also sell crafts from private stalls at the airport on flight days.


A good National Library is near the government offices south of the airport at Vaiaku.

The Ministry of Tourism, Trade, and Commerce in the Government Offices has a few brochures.

The USP Extension Center, near the hospital north of the center, sells books on Tuvalu and the region. The library here is open weekdays.

Basic maps of each of the atolls are available from the Lands & Survey Department in the Government Offices.

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