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The prawn is a shrimplike crustacean
with a thin shell and jointed bodies.
They breathe through gills.


Several restaurants around Vaiaku serve Chinese dishes like chopsuey, chowmein, black beans, curries, oysters, soups, eggs, and fried rice at reasonable prices. It's certainly not high cuisine but the portions are usually large. Many list their offerings on blackboards. Watch for a cordial made from kaleve and water. Lunch at the Vaiaku Lagi Hotel is cheap but nothing special.

The cooperative Funafuti Fusi, halfway between Vaiaku and the deepwater wharf, is the biggest self-service supermarket on Funafuti. The private Island Supermarket, 500 meters north of the Fusi, is better stocked.

Bread and little else is sold at the small municipal market (closed Sunday) across the street from the Fusi. Ask around for local bakeries also selling bread.

Most food on Funafuti is imported. The only animals kept here are the pigs held in pens along the east side of the airport runway. They're considered status symbols and the owners aren't usually eager to sell them, especially if any local feasts are planned.